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Parents arenít the only ones that need helpful hints, here are some student success tips to help you out during testing!

1. Have a positive,

1. ďsure I willĒ attitude

2. Take deep breaths if you feel frustrated

3. Take your time and give best ef

3. fort

4. Donít stay up all night playing video games the night before testing days


Itís that time again for the end of the year KCCT (Kentucky Core Content Test) testing!† Students in the 3rd and 4th grades will be testing May 11thóMay 22nd.


In order to help your child be distinguished and have a successful testing experience, here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind the weeks coming up!


1. Be sure your child gets at least 8

1. hours of sleep each night

2. Be sure your child eats a healthy breakfast each morning

3. Be at school on time or plan to come early every morning the weeks of testing

4. Be supportive and give your child confidence that he/she can beat the test!


These are just a few things to keep in mind

for the KCCT testing weeks.


Speaking as a 4th grade student,† I know Iíve worked hard this year and so have my fellow classmates.† This is a time for us to show off all that we know!!!


Thank you for taking the time to learn about some helpful hints in order to help your child have a successful KCCT testing experience.




Helpful Hints


Student Success Tips

Text Box: Foust Elementary School

May 4, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 1

Text Box: Testing


Donít forget to schedule doctor appointments around the testing schedule!!!