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Brennan Blackstone

Technology Lesson
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Technology Lesson
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Learning About Text Features

KTIP Modified Lesson Plan


Name: Brennan Blackstone                Date:   3-24-09                        Age/Grade Level:      4th Grade        

Subject:          Language Arts                        # of Students:             16        # of IEP Students:     2                     

Major Content: Reading                   Authentic Topic:_____Newsletter_________________________

Unit Title: Literary and Nonfiction Texts__Lesson Title:    Text Features                                     

Be sure to put all worksheets, assessments, and scoring rubrics in the Appendix. After you teach the lesson in your classroom, complete a reflection of your lesson and attached to this file. Include 5 students products from your classroom.  Be sure to remove students names from the technology product.  Lesson and students’ technology product should be saved on a CD and turned in to your instructor on due date.


Goals and Objectives:  Completed prior to teaching lesson. Your instructor must approve this section before you teach the lesson.

Clearly state your broad goals and specific objectives (each objective must have all four parts) that identify the content and technology skills/processes to be taught and formally assessed. Give the Bloom’s level for each objective. Identify essential questions you want to address. You must have at least one but no more than two technology objectives and at least one but no more than two content objectives.


Essential Question(s):

  1. How do text features help organize and communicate information to the audience?



Content Goal:


Content Objective(s):


Bloom’s Level:


Connections to KY Core Content for Assessment:

1. Students will research examples of how text features are used in newspapers and newsletters.  They will use their findings to create their own newsletter to send home to 4th grade parents.  The newsletter will include information about what’s going on in the 4th grade and what is happening in the future! 

3. Application

4. Analysis


Students will apply and analyze knowledge of text features (e.g., pictures, lists, charts, graphs, captions, diagrams, headings) to answer questions about a passage.

Technology Goal:


Technology Objective(s):

Bloom’s Level:


Connections to Technology Skills in KY Program of Studies:

The newsletter will be created in Microsoft Publisher, using a variety of text features to deliver information.

5. Synthesize

Information, Communication and Productivity


Students use computers and other kinds of technology to create, organize, and communicate information and ideas.





Research, Inquiry/Problem-solving and Innovation


Students will use technology for original creations/innovation in classroom, and express creativity collaboratively using technology.








Student Work Samples
creating newsletters using microsoft publisher

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