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Brennan Blackstone

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Website Reflection 

            There were many overwhelming feelings and frustrations at the thought of having to create a website!  After reviewing the three suggested web-building sites, I chose to go with  I chose this website because from the start it appeared to be the most user- friendly. 

            In the beginning of the process the frustration level was high due to the lack of cooperation from the website.  While attempting to create pages I would be redirected several times saying the website was unavailable; however, one day it worked!  There may have been a glitch with the site that could have been causing these problems; however, it all began to come together! was easy to use and the website was marked clearly with visually appealing icons and directions that were easy to follow.  While the simplistic designs of the templates could be viewed as too simple, I believe this helped create a clean, clutter free web page.

The overall experience with building my own website was positive, and I was able to incorporate many of the lessons and activities we created in class.  This web-building site could be used by my class of intermediate elementary students to create a website for the class!