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Brennan Blackstone

Favorite Links

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Technology and Diverse Learners
Favorite Links

Take a look at some of my favorite websites that are used in my classroom throughout the year!  Some of the websited provided are for instruction, as well as, student interactive sites!

United Streaming is a great website I use for reading centers, as well as, supplemental science and math homeroom activities.

Delicious is a website designed to hold all your favorite bookmarks!

Slideshare is designed to upload powerpoint presentations up to the web.

Raz-Kids is a website designed to meet differenciated reading fluency needs of students.  This a self paced, indivualized site, and can be monitored.

Pete's Power Point Station is a site with free powerpoint presentations and interactive games for students.

Tumblebooks is a website I use for whole groups and center read alouds.  This website also has interactive games and quizzes to go with the stories read.

PBS is a great site for educational resources and interactive games for students.